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At PG Tropicals, we source rare, exotic and local subtropical fruits for our preserves. Our partner farm, Guavonia Guava Grove is located in Homestead's Redland. We produce seasonal varieties of jams, jellies, & marmalades. We never use corn syrup or food coloring in our preserves. Our Guava preserves are made with guavas sourced right here in Miami-Dade County. They are grown and handpicked at Guavonia Guava Grove located in Homestead's Redland Argicultural Area, in South Florida, just north of the Florida Keys. Our house specialties are preserves such as Jams, Marmalades, & Jellies.

We are members of the Florida Agricultural Promotional Campaign (FAPC). Via FAPC's 'Fresh From Florida' program conducted by the Florida Department of Agriculture, we promote Florida on our labeling, to spotlight the fruits of "The Sunshine State".

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Jams, Marmalades, Jellies

* Redland Guava Marmalade ~ Mermelada de Guayaba (Redland Raised ~ Homestead, FL)

* Redland Guava Jelly (Redland Raised)

* Mango Jam (Florida)

* No food coloring, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.*

Fresh From Florida

guava |ˈgwävə|

番石榴 グアバ - ฝรั่ง
1. an edible pale orange tropical fruit with pink, juicy flesh and a strong, sweet aroma.
2. the small tropical American tree that bears this fruit.
• Genus Psidium, family Myrtaceae: several species, in particular P. guajava.


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